The Duke Energy company has produced a very easy to use energy calculator using some of the more popular sizes of Christmas lights. While their results are priced out for the customers in the states they operate in, the cost ratios are a useful tool to help you estimate just how much the same usage will cost you here in The Valley.

It may be Halloween, but it is apparent that Stay Off the Roof is not alone in thinking about Christmas now. Many businesses and even city governments are letting it be known that they are preparing for the Holiday season. I think most people these days understand the importance of energy efficiency, especially those of us living in a desert. We also have to be more cost conscious in this economy, so today I felt it would be a good idea to discuss power usage and Christmas light energy cost.

LED vs Incandescent

phoenix az christmas lightsLet us compare the two most popular Christmas light sizes, C-9 and mini-lights. An incandescent C-9 light can cost up to 37 times more to run than a C-9 LED light. For those who are fans of traditional light bulbs, it is true that the mini-light performance is much better, but incandescent mini-lights are still a worse value than LED mini-lights. The power expenses from incandescent mini-lights is 3.3 times more expensive than LED.

Switch to LED Christmas Lights

This is just a no-brainer now. LED or light emitting diode Christmas lights use far less energy than other light bulbs, especially incandescent bulbs.
Energy consumption is not the only reason to switch to LED bulbs:

  • LEDs are made of a more durable substance than the glass of old bulbs
  • The temperatures of LED lights are much cool, reducing the risk of fire or burn injuries
  • You can chain a massive number of LED strings together without overloading the outlet
  • Theoretically, you can get dozens of Christmases out of your LED light purchase

The math makes it obvious. LED lights are just a better deal. That is why Stay Off the Roof uses LED lights when we install them on your home. You can be happy to know that you are saving money on your electricity bill and are safer because of the high-quality LED lights we use!