Outdoor Lighting Repair | Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Having your home glowing even after the sun goes out looks like an incredible idea. Yes, we are talking about outdoor lighting!

Outdoor Lighting adds beauty to your home, but like all other systems, it can encounter problems over time. Knowing basic problems, troubleshooting and fixing always comes in handy.

This article discusses the most common problems in outdoor lighting systems and their fixes. Let’s take a deep dive into knowing these problems and their solutions!

Common Problems of Outdoor Lighting and Their Solutions

Knowing the outdoor lighting system installed in your home is important to troubleshoot if something is not working. Now, let’s discuss the common challenges people face in their outdoor lighting systems and their solutions.

Burned-Out Bulbs

The first and most commonly occurring problem is burned-out bulbs. It entirely depends on the usage but over time, bulbs can simply wear out and stop working.

The easiest solution is to identify the burned-out bulb by checking each light to see which one is not functioning. Once it is identified, use the correct wattage and type as specified by the fixture manufacturer. It is advisable to use LED bulbs as they are a good choice for their longevity and energy efficiency.

Flickering Lights

Another common problem is flickering lights, they are not only annoying but can be a sign of a more serious issue. The lights flicked either due to loose connections or a faulty bulb. Last but not least, there could be an underlying electrical problem with the fixture as well.

The solution is to find the right cause for the flicker. For this, check the bulb to see if it needs replacement or not. If not, then look for a connection, are there any loose or corroded wires in the fixture and the power source? Then, replace faulty components: If the problem persists, you may need to replace the fixture or consult an electrician for more complex wiring issues.

Lights Not Turning On

Sometimes the outdoor lights don’t turn on, the reason can be a power outage, a tripped circuit breaker, or a problem with the light fixture itself.

For this, check the power source on the bulb is receiving the power, the circuit hasn’t tripped, and the fixture is intact. Otherwise, fix the problem by replacing the problematic component.

Water Damage

The lighting installed outdoors is naked to the environment and water damage can occur. It can be rainwater or moisture that came in the fixture, it could result in a short circuit or corrosion.

Regularly inspect for signs of water inside the fixture. Ensure all seals and gaskets are intact and properly installed. If there is a continuous problem of water or moisture in your home, it is advisable to use waterproof fixtures.

Inconsistent Lighting

Another regularly occurring issue is inconsistent lighting, it usually occurs when the voltage drops.

To solve this issue, check the transformer for the total wattage of your lights and use thicker gauge wire as it reduces voltage drop in long runs. Another solution can be to install additional transformers to balance the load.

Light Fixture Damage

The fixtures can also be damaged over time because of weather, accidental impacts, or normal wear and tear.

Try to have a maintenance of the outdoor system at regular intervals and look for visible damage such as cracks or broken components. And try to replace the damaged parts as soon as possible.

Types of lighting

There are multiple types of outdoor lighting systems that can be installed at your home. Some of them are listed below:

LED Landscape Lighting Phoenix AZ

LED lights provide long-lasting, vibrant illumination while reducing energy costs. These lights are not only energy-efficient but also give your pathways a great aesthetic, gardens, and architectural features.
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Bistro String Lighting

Bistro String lighting is charming and adds a touch of warmth and elegance to any gathering space. To have a cozy and inviting ambiance, use bistro string lighting, they are ideal for patios, decks, and outdoor dining areas.

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Permanent Trim Lights

Permanent trim lights are perfect for year-round use, providing consistent and customizable illumination. They offer a durable lighting solution for outlining roofs, windows, and architectural features.

Architecture Lighting

This lighting adds depth and dimension, making your structure stand out beautifully at night. They highlight the unique features of your building and enhance the aesthetic appeal and visibility of your property.

Premium Holiday Lighting

Premium holiday lighting adds a festive feel to your home, they offer high-quality and vibrant lights for all your seasonal decorations. These lights ensure a dazzling display that captures the holiday spirit.

Permanent Outdoor LED Lighting Phoenix

Permanent outdoor lights provide consistent brightness and durability, on a daily basis by enhancing the beauty and security of your property. These lights are not only reliable but also energy-efficient and save you the cost.

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Why Are Low Voltage LED Lights Better?

Low-voltage LED lights are an excellent choice for many outdoor lighting applications due to their numerous benefits. Here are some reasons why low-voltage LED lights are better:

  • LED lights are famous for being energy-efficient. They use less power and energy as compared to the old traditional lights, this has a direct impact on your bills and cost savings.
  • There is a reduced risk of shock as they work on very low voltage i.e. 12V enhancing the safety aspect.
  • They do not generate heat and omit other chemicals like other traditional bulbs which impacts the environment positively.
  • These lights have longer lives and save the cost of bulb replacement.
  • LED lights do not fade off easily like the other bulbs, they maintain their brightness for thousands of hours.
  • These lights are available in multiple sizes and colors, whereas the traditional bulbs are not.
  • LED lights are multi-purpose, they can be used for various outdoor settings, including pathways, gardens, decks, and architectural lighting.
  • Many low-voltage LED lights can be integrated with smart home systems, allowing for remote control, scheduling, and automation.
  • High-quality LED lights minimize flickering, providing steady and comfortable illumination.
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How can I prevent water damage to my outdoor lights?

You need to monitor fixtures every now and then to make sure all the seals are intact. If you still find a fixture slightly damp or moist, dry it out immediately.

Why are some of my outdoor lights dimmer than others?

There can be two possible reasons for the dimmer lights, either the power supply is inadequate, or the voltage is fluctuating. In both cases, ask a professional electrician to fix the issue.

What should I do if my outdoor lights have corroded connections?

Corroded connections need maintenance or replacement. Try to clean the corroded connection with a wire brush and apply a corrosion inhibitor. If this doesn’t fix it, then replace the affected components to ensure a reliable connection.

How do I replace a burned-out bulb in my outdoor light fixture?

Turn off the power to the fixture, remove the old bulb, and replace it with a new one of the same type and wattage. Ensure the bulb is securely installed before turning the power back on.

What are some energy-efficient options for outdoor lighting?

Some common energy-efficient options for outdoor lighting are LED lights and solar-powered fixtures. They offer long lifespans and reduced energy consumption. Upgrade your outdoor lighting to these in order to save energy and cost. You can visit us for more details.